Roku Premiere Plus vs Express Plus vs Ultra

Are you often faced with difficult choices among the best? Do you often wonder which device you would use – would it be the Ultra, Premiere, Premiere Plus, Express, Express Plus?

To help you outlined here are the previews of Roku devices – choose at your convenience!

Roku Premiere Plus vs Express Plus vs ultra

Roku Ultra – The Roku Ultra gives you more than just movies. With all the features of a Roku streamer, the device comes with a remote, more apps, better ecosystem and more customization. Source the latest HDR video streams such as Amazon, Netflix etc., besides keeping your audio system intact. The Ultra comes with a speedy performance, supports 4k HDRs and includes an advanced remote with additional functionalities, a headphone jack and mic.

Roku Premiere – The Roku Premiere is an entry level device capable of the 4k 60 fps streaming unit. Connect the HDMI and the 4K to enable online streaming of Hulu, Amazon, Netflix and much more. A compact device, still, it is approximately 5 inches, square in shape with the Roku logo on top. The remote comes with basic media control buttons. The Roku setup once again is as easy as it gets. The software update is automatically installed once the Roku Premiere is connected.

Roku Premiere Plus – Considered as one of the best media streaming devices of 2017, the Roku Premiere Plus provides excellent performance, can stream 4K HDR videos, has a microphone and a headphone jack. It is fast, easy to use, enables private listening through the headphone jack (remote equipped) thus making it one of the best devices that provides amazing value for money.

Roku Express – Once again proving itself to be the most economical devices that can give you profound returns on investment, the Roku Express is inexpensive, provides lots of streaming media through the Roku Channel store and allows private listening through the Roku App.

Roku Express Plus –Roku has a great way of adding something new to its already existing features, every time. The Roku Express has an audio/video output analogue thus allowing it to connect to older television sets. Loaded with streaming apps, the device even provides you with the latest version of Netflix.

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