New Roku channels of August 2017

Roku has amazing entertainment content for users. Most of the Roku channels of August 2017 are free, while few channels can be viewed only on subscription payment. Read on to find some of the biggest entertainment which you can get from streaming these Roku channels.

Roku channels of August 2017

Sling TV

Though this is for a monthly subscription, Sling TV is well worth it. Sling TV is definitely economical when compared to a cable subscription, which allows users to have the great ease to entertainment access.


Pandora is always up for customisation. Awesomely let you create personally customised Roku channels like how you want it, which is sufficient for Pandora to create a list!


This is where you get to stream video games based on the skill levels you preferred. Ensure you get this Roku channels if playing video games is your hobby! Twitch also comes with paid versions, as well free versions.


PlayOn gets your Roku player to use the systems like a media server. You can also record your online video content.

Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

If you are seeking live streaming free-to-air channels from around the globe, Nowhere TV is one of the most searched private channels for users. There is exciting entertainment content from local Fox channels, government/politics channels like C-SPAN, and news from NBC and CBS, as well as lots more.

Television Shopping (TVS)

The shopping addicts can get great deals on Shop NBC for the purpose of getting awesome deals for purchasing kitchen articles or gymming equipment.

Saveur Magazine (Saveur)

Many users usually throng the internet for getting new recipes for their kitchen’s experimental cooking. Saveur Magazine comes loaded with not just recipes but also cooking tips, travel food, and article about culinary traditions.

Neon Party Games

The game lovers can expect a bit of surprise of game offerings which comes with innovative features such as the game controller. All you will be required to do is to, download the smartphone app which enables the game controller function and which can enable multiple players to play.

Capital TV (capitaltv)

This is one of the best premier music stations that stream live music and there is something for everyone 24 * 7.

Wilderness TV

If you want to catch the live videos of national parks inhabitants, log on to the Wilderness TV.

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