Free Roku Mobile App

Make your streaming easier with the new Roku mobile App. Control your Roku device or Roku TV with the Roku mobile App. This App is a free application for Android and IOS devices. Turn your mobile phone into a remote and control the Roku streaming device. The free Roku mobile App can be an ultimate streaming companion for your Roku TV and Roku streaming devices.

Free Roku Mobile App

Make your search quick and easy:

The Roku App can act as a second remote to control your Roku devices. The App act as a remote loaded with additional features. It can be painful to type the lengthy title to search your favorite movie. But with the Roku mobile app, it can be simple and real quick. You can use the mobile keyboard to do it. You can also use Voice search feature to look for what you want.

Search across all the stream channels in a snap. It’s easy to find the perfect thing to watch with this App. Use the virtual keyboard or voice search feature and search for your favorite channel real quick. The channels which you have already added will also be available under the channels tab. The channels will be in the form of tiles. You can start playing the channel with a single tap on it.

Private Listening:

You can keep the volume high and still not disturb your neighbors. Use the private listening feature and enjoy all your favorite videos in high volume. With the Roku mobile App this has become a beloved feature to many. Simply plug your earphones into the mobile phone and start listening to all that streaming on your TV privately.

When you plug in your earphones you will not hear the audio from your TV speakers.

Roku Remote:

When you click on the Roku remote option from the Roku mobile App, you will find the Roku remote replicated on your mobile device. It has all the buttons you find on a Roku remote. Change the channels, Increase or decrease the volume; turn ON or OFF your Roku device, Home button, mute and all the other buttons you find on the Roku remote.

Note: you can also use the sleep button on your mobile device to power on and off your Roku device. Use the volume buttons on the mobile to increase and decrease the volume as well.

Share your personal media files:

Using the Roku mobile App you can share your pictures, music, and videos on to your TV. Cast your Phone to the TV using the Play on Roku feature you find on the Roku App.  Watch the movie you have on your Phone on the big screen with this feature.

Requirements and how to install:

The basic requirement to use the Roku mobile App is you should connect the Roku device and the mobile to the same wireless network.

Roku Mobile App is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Note: Roku mobile App supports devices that run on Roku OS version 6.2 or more. Update your software to the latest.

  • Download the Roku mobile App from the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android) on to your mobile.
  • Provide your Roku Login credentials to sign in into your Roku account.
  • After you sign in you find the list of device available on your network.
  • Click on your Roku device name from it.
  • You can now control your Roku device using the Roku Mobile App.

Note: Make sure you connect both the Roku device and your mobile to the same wireless network.

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